Pont Neuf

PhotographerSimon Geddes
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNewcastle, Australia
Photo Date02 April 2011
Technical InfoCanon EOS5D-f/5.0-13sec-ISO100
Entry Description

six image stitch of Pont Neuf from Pont des Arts. Provided some patient challenges because Pont des Arts is a steel and wood span bridge and as such carries vibrations even when people are walking on it. Had to wait a while for the bridge to be empty, use mirror lock, remote release and hold my breath while taking this series.

About Photographer

I am a management consultant by week day and an amateur photographer by every other day and night. I have been taking photographs for 10 years now and suspect regardless of whether I end up making a career change to photography, it is something I will do for the remainder of my days.