Agent Orange

PhotographerEd Kashi
Prize1st Place in Editorial / War/Conflict
CompanyEd Kashi Photography
City/CountryMontclair, United States
Photo DateJuly 2010
Entry Description

May 2010, marked the 35th anniversary of the Vietnam War’s end. However, U.S. military use of dioxin-containing defoliant chemicals including Agent Orange continued until 1971. Estimated to have affected 3,000,000+ people, 150,000 Vietnamese living today are coping with the genetic consequences and resultant health impact of Agent Orange. The chemical’s legacy remains an ongoing medical, social, and political issue for the people in Vietnam. Decades after the U.S. military sprayed the Vietnamese jungles, the long-acting toxin, which is passed down genetically, continues to damage lives and remind new generations everywhere of the devastating aftermath of war.