PhotographerWilliam Scully
Prize1st Place in Nature / Underwater
City/CountryJamaica Plain, United States
Photo Date2010
Entry Description

This is an underwater series of water lilies shot in a kettle pond on Cape Cod with a digital SLR encased in a plexiglass housing.

About Photographer

Nature is the inspiration for much of my photographic work and I enjoy seeking out and probing into the hidden areas of the natural world. I am particularly drawn to water and conditions with unusual light, and these elements are featured in some manner in most of my compositions. Sunlight, tides, and the seasons - they each have both rhythmic and unpredictable components; working with them requires disciplined planning but also an ability to react to the unexpected in the field. It is these contrasting elements that make photography exciting for me and every day with my camera a great adventure.