To sacrifice is to love.

PhotographerChoi Yee Wong
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyI.C.E. Digital Studio, LLC
City/CountryPortland, United States
Photo Date5/21/2011
Technical Infoshoot with Canon 5D Mark II
Entry Description

This is a portfolio shoot of a Portland local fashion designer, Devon, for his new collection (Devonation) in 2011. Love requires a sacrifice, of time, patience, for some, even blood or their life……… Love isn’t love if you’re not willing to sacrifice…. To sacrifice is to love. "

About Photographer

Career and Life Choiyee’s ambitions extended beyond working as a photographer and designer in Portland Chinese Times, she took some time off her regular working hour, came up with works which accommodate her imagination and extract the soul in life. Through the lenses, Choiyee soon found herself an ongoing work as a freelance photographer and set up her own business in 2006. Not long, her works spread throughout Portland. With her openness theory, Choiyee started to gain more and more opportunities in various of clientele and developed a network of working partners, she was known to be a versatile designer and photographer. To know her Her works is all the time described by clients and partners as magically bringing their words into vision but with a living soul within. See her works, and you will know. ( Believing in creativity, Choiyee has strong feelings about pursuing the unknown. That’s what brings her here…….