Woman once a bird,produced by Michael Bader,Janina Amrehn

PhotographerMichael Bader
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDortmund, Germany
Photo DateJanurary 2011,
Technical InfoPolaroid and acryl
Entry Description

The uncompromising, radical almost violent enlightenment and the behavior of the media to externalize personal moments or experiences in public result in loss of reality-sense, passion and ability for suffering. This work deals with sound as an answer on this development, it translates sound in visuality. For this a program was developed which converts emotional sounds into shapings and colors, as a base for the collection and the photos. These shapings are manually painted onto the photos to involve the sounds visually, to create an emotional atmosphere and makes the photos look like paintings as an anti-pole to digital media.

About Photographer

- since September 2006 studying Photodesign at Fachhochschule Dortmund, University of Applied Science and Art - June 2004 , Munich GER Abitur (equivalent of A- levels in Britain) - Born 1984 in Munich (Germany)