Drought and Flooding Rains

PhotographerMelissa Powell
Prize1st Place in Nature / Aerial
CompanyMelissa Powell Photography
City/CountryNatimuk, Australia
Photo Date27/1/2011
Entry Description

Australia, the land of drought and flooding rains, suffered severely from the effects of La Nina in 2011. Flash flooding and cyclones devastated the North of the country and made international headlines. Meanwhile in South Eastern Australia’s Wimmera wheatbelt region, the prolonged twelve year drought was instantly transformed in January 2011 by a one in two hundred year flood. This rare transition was iconified through aerial images as the region went from drought to flood.

About Photographer

Inspired by light, space and land, Melissa endeavours to produce iconic Australian imagery, whether on the ground or from the air. She provides images for a range of national and international clients from the remote wheatbelt town of Natimuk, in South Eastern Australia, and is represented by Anita Traverso Gallery.