Beauty in Colour

PhotographerMichelle Belsky
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMishelsky Photography
City/CountryToronto, Canada
Photo Date2010
About Photographer

Known for her unique, collaborative approach, no two Mishelsky photographs are alike. With her disarming calm, and off-the-cuff style, subjects are invited to let loose, flow freely in the moment, and cultivate a mood, an experience, and an interaction. It is this saught-after, dynamic style that has allowed Mishelsky to shoot so widely, from musicians such as Finger Eleven, The GZA (of WuTang), Candy Coated Killahz, Twin Shadow, and Monotonix to shoots for renowned modeling agencies Ford, Next, and Sutherland. An avid traveller, her location shoots have left us with breathtaking images of New Orleans, Thailand, Graceland (Elvis' mansion), Cuba, Naples, and more. Mishelsky's story is an unlikely one. After graduating at the top of her class with a B. Comm Finance degree from Ryerson University, she set out into the high-strung world of corporate finance, destined to rise through the ranks. But a photographer since her early teens, she soon realized her passion for visual art couldn't be exchanged for the rat race. She left hedge funds behind, and set out on a new path towards professional photography. Now, 3 years later, Mishelsky shoots full-time in her studio and on-location. From live events, to editorial fashion, to commercial photography, and more, her ever-expanding portfolio showcases her versatility and dedication. Fans and clients can look forward to Mishelsky's much-anticipated forray into film later this year, as well as the launch of her online store, which will feature stunning prints and published works.