Enchantress of Tunes

PhotographerAlmeen Arif
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyrEd eAgLe Imagines
City/CountryBangalore, India
Entry Description

This series captures different moods of Tipriti, the charming blues singer. Her energetic performances and good looks have won her fans from Mumbai to Memphis. From being a choir singer at the church to one of the popular Rock Idols in India, it has been a rollercoster ride for her.

About Photographer

Almeen is a self-taught photographer from India. An Engineer by qualification , he found out he had little to do with engineering after his stint as a Software Engineer and that's when took to photography , his childhood passion. His numerous journeys through the hinterland and its varied and rich colours inspire and influence his style. His work showcases a creative blend of artistic and reportage photography. He has been featured in The Boston Globe's famous photoblog 'The Big Picture', and also in his successful solo exhibition 'A Good Year' in March 2011.