Polar World

PhotographerThorsten Milse
Prize1st Place in Book / Nature
City/CountryErftstadt, Germany
Entry Description

vegetation, endless winters and unimaginable cold (down to as low as minus 89 degrees) make them inhospitable and virtually uninhabitable. The fascination they exert has much to do with these extremes: nature shows herself at her wildest, most monumental and unspoilt – a statement of pure beauty.

About Photographer

Thorsten Milse is a nature and wildlife photographer, renowned the world over. His fascination for the polar regions has led him there many times. His first book was devoted to young polar bears, creatures which left a lasting impression on him. Further successful illustrated books, including ones about the wildlife of the jungle or Namibia's Skeleton Coast, were to follow. His stunning pictures have appeared in magazines such as GEO, Stern, Terre Sauvage or BBC Wildlife and won him numerous accolades across the globe, including Illustreret Videnskab's award for the best photojournalist and the Grand Prize in the Nature's Best photography competition in America. His photographs are to be found in books, on postcards and in calendars. Thorsten Milse has been an official Canon Ambassador since 2008. For more information: www.wildlifephotography.de and www.polar-world.de