The Lost Coke

PhotographerAllen Lubitz
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMiami, United States
Photo Date06/05/2005
Technical InfoOlympus C-60Z 4.8 1/100 ISO 80
Entry Description

A can of Coco cola on a fire escape in New York City.

About Photographer

I'm a retired construction executive who has dabbled in photography for more years than I care to admit and now it’s my main focus.....I switched to digital in 2000....I believe that there are subjects to photograph all around us... Timesless images......those images captured in a fragment of time......when I look at a scene, people, children, sporting event, flowers, nature, even still life, those fragments can never be seen again because life is undergoing constant is those fragments that appeal to my eye.....whether it is a landscape with its changing shapes, colors and light....or a child's expression and body language....or a bird or butterfly in flight.....or a flower opening or closing.....or a tennis player straining to hit the ball.....I may be the only one experiencing those particular moments and want to share them with others so they can perhaps feel the same pleasure, amazement, questions that I felt when capturing the image, in a fragment of time that can never exist again..... "Born in Brooklyn, New York, and living in Miami, Florida, Allen Lubitz has now, after retirement, been able to focus on his photography. Lubitz's images, covering almost every genre of photography, reveal a keen eye and a sense of balance in seemingly effortless attempts to capture beauty and stillness while photographing the intricacies of the world around him.".........World Wide Art Books