PhotographerRichard Vdovjak
Prize3rd Place in People / Culture
City/CountryDemanovska Dolina , Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Entry Description

Buddhist monks on their way to the monastery. Himalayas, Nepal.

About Photographer

I grew up in former Czechoslovakia, spending a good part of my youth roaming and photographing the mountain areas in the north of the country, currently a part of Slovakia. That period left me with a deep affinity for outdoor pursuits, wilderness and serenity that only mountains can offer. This was the initial motivation that has drawn me to travel for the first time to remote regions of Nepal. While being overwhelmed and fascinated with the mighty Himalayan peaks, I was moved even more by the people living in that unique, beautiful and harsh landscape. With all the hardship that they have to endure, they seem to live their lives in many ways happier than we do in the West. It is perhaps the recognition and the genuine appreciation of universal values such as family, friendship, and one’s faith that fuel their happiness. I have returned from Nepal with a discovered fascination for using photography to tell stories about people, their life, their land, their culture. More of my work can be seen at