Early one morning uner the Beacon Newburgh Bridge

PhotographerJonathan Berg
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo DateMarch 22, 2012
Technical Infodigital image
Entry Description

Early morning fog fades distant details of two span bridge into mist, viewed from the shore, under the twin spanned bridge.

About Photographer

Jon Berg first found solace in the seemingly miraculous production of images in submerged liquids in a darkened room, in his late teens. A dozen years later, while employed as an analyst with the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington, his black and white photography was widely exhibited in jurried gallery shows in and around town, as well as publication in local papers and arts magazines, especially of his dance rehearsal projects. Inspired by the dynamics of choreographed dance, Jon came to explore the dynamics of innate symmetries and balance in photo composition, which to this day remain an integral component of his photo portfolio. In later years Jon moved to France (as an English language instructor), where with the advice of professional artists and photographers, he found work in fashion as a ‘head shot’ photographer for modeling agencies. He also had the good fortune of landing a flat next to a magnificent and ancient park grounds, the Parc de Sceaux, where he honed his skills as a landscape photographer. Since returning to the States in 2006, he has worked extensively as a stock photographer.