Poetry of Motion - Cello

PhotographerMarina Chen
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryArcadia, United States
Photo Date8/28/2011
Technical Infof 18, 0.4 sec., ISO 800
Entry Description

Performing Arts are constantly in action. Using slower shutter speed to capture the time trace of motion is Marina's way of painting-with-camera which produces artistic and poetic result. These cello playing images are her recent work and are new additions to her award winning "Poetry of Motion" series.

About Photographer

Experimenting when shooting, creating when post processing, feeling emotions when presenting are the three main factors of Marina's photography. Although shooting "still" is a way of creating images, she enjoys capturing "motion" which requires unexpected amount of multiple experiments. Her ongoing series include "Poetry of Motions", "Miles Unlimited", "Intimate Communications", and the recent one "Sculpted Melody."