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PhotographerLai Leng Lam
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLam Jennifer Photography
City/CountrySingapore, Singapore
About Photographer

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and settled in Singapore, Jennifer received her tertiary education in corporate secretarial and is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrator, bearing the title ACIS. Her passion for photography and fine art and years of dedication in perfecting the craft has earned her numerous renowned international photography awards including Masters Photography Award (UK), International Photography Award (USA), Master Cup Award (USA), among others. Publications of her work include the International Masters of Photography Vol. 1, Monthly Development magazine, Best of Photography 2012 & 2013, and Scene magazine, to name a few. Some of her recent group exhibitions include the International Photographic Salon Exhibition in Japan for two consecutive years and the MPA in UK. She is awarded a Licentiateship by the Royal Photographic Society (UK), one of the Distinctions recognised as the most prestigious in the photographic world, bearing the title LRPS and also a licensed portrait photography trainer with the People's Association, a statutory board of the Singapore government. She also has an eye for portraits that brings out a message on social-justice or environment issues, with the hope to bring an awareness to the general public of issues that are happening in other parts of the world that needs attention and assistance. By combining factors such as models’ body language, lighting effect, color contrasts, art direction and slight digital enhancement, she creates not just fashion or portraits photography but contemporary images with dramatic effect. “To create a masterpiece, a photographer must be able to feel the art itself and is passionate of the creation process and through the created masterpiece, viewers should be able to feel the same kind of message that the masterpiece is intending to convey”.