My Perspective Fashion

PhotographerSteven Paul
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBayside, United States
Photo DateMarch ‎09, ‎2012
Entry Description

Fashion Fur

About Photographer

Steven Paul's photographs are bold, sensual and evocative – playing with dramatic lighting and cinematic narratives creating provocatively stunning images. Steven Paul captures deep emotion, dark desires and hidden secrets – infusing even the most seemingly banal scene with drama and passion. Paul’s detail to composition and creative expression is uncanny and hard-hitting. His focus goes beyond lightening and lenses. Driven by a shoot’s energy and mood, Paul melds avant garde fashion with thought-provoking imagery for a fresh take on fashion and beauty photography. As a creative photographer, Paul has the rare gift of being able to translate a vision from his imagination into reality. Working with compositions, Paul brings his vision to life by careful sculpture, scale and space. Despite Paul’s continued success and growing portfolio, he remains driven and focused to create more art. Each day is an opportunity to learn something new, explore new possibilities, and push his creative boundaries. Since breaking into the fashion beauty, Paul has continued to stun critics with his edgy, thought-provoking editorial images.