PhotographerStarri Hsiao
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTaipei, Taiwan
About Photographer

Education&Work Experience: National Chengchi University Department Of Advertising National Chengchi University Creative Program National Chengchi University Creative Group Of Popular Culture&Pop Music Program Photographer Of Taiwan Textile Research Institute For The 2011 Messe Frankfurt Fair Grounds Photographer Of The Musical《The Flower Of Catcher》 Photographer Of The Live Concert 《Overloading Compilation Release Concert》 National Chengchi University-Press Photographer Of School Journal National Chengchi University Creative Team&Photographer Of The App《Play Story》For The 85th School Anniversary Group Exhibitions: 2011 Photo Taipei 2011 Taiwan Young Artist Selected Show Awards: 2010 The Beauty Of Immigrant Resident Photo Compact First Prize Of Student Group 2011 Finding Next Great Travel and Life Writer The First Prize Of The Jury 2012 Dau-Nan Prize for Literature Final Compete