Deeper Than Depth

PhotographerKeith Carlos
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyHyperspectrum Corp.
City/CountryGlendale, United States
Photo DateMay 2012
Entry Description

"The blessed damozel leaned out from the gold bar of Heaven; Her eyes were deeper than depth of waters stilled at even..." - The Blessed Damozel by Dante Gabriel Rossetti // Photographer: Keith Carlos @ // Model: Ashley Mucha // Make Up Artist: Brittnie Woods // Wardrobes: H&M and Foreign Exchange // circa May 2012 //

About Photographer

With a robust business education, strategic marketing and web design experience, my turning point towards a creative journey is attributed to pure love and soulful passion for photography, art and fashion. I have been a photographer for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week since 2005. I also have been covering celebrity PR events and fashion shows around Hollywood, California. After completing higher education on photography at Santa Monica College, I am forging a refined path into haute couture, high fashion conceptual and advertising photography.