PhotographerAaron McPolin
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAaron McPolin Photography
City/CountryPerth, Australia
Photo Date2012
Technical InfoDigital Studio
Entry Description

Inspired by the night sky; Andromeda captures the enthralling galaxy in which we are submersed; exploring the complexities and beauties that lay in the night sky. From the metaphysical speed of shooting stars to the captivating web of constellations, we are immersed in a divine connection that we may not be alone; and that we too, are made of stars. It is our very existence and the unexplained beauty of the unwritten that compels and drives us seek further into the unknown, bountiful in its scope, the untamed euphoria of our universe awaits.

About Photographer

Originating from Manchester, England. Aaron’s early influences were by his mother, watching her paint, sculpture nail art and coiffure in her salon, whilst his father fashioned, moulded and tinkered new invetions in his shed. Aaron's vibrant curiosity delved him to undertake a beauty course, whilst also completing his design and adverting degree at Curtin University. His love for fashion was sparked when glimpsing the fashion students in the next building, as they cut, stitched and sketched their designs, this quickly led to a flourish of collaborations and experimentation. "I enjoy listening to the people, their story, vision and dreams, learning their culture and beliefs that are often presented their creations, and all I want to do, is make them come to life through photography." Since 2008 Aaron has worked nationally and internationally, photographing campaigns for elite beauty and fashion designers. whilst also developing courses as an educator for Curtin University and SHOOT workshops, teaching conceptual development and collaboration in the photography industry.