Male Gaze

PhotographerJordan Hayes
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBelfast, United Kingdom
Photo DateApril 2012
Entry Description

Fashion photography today, more than ever, is flooded with images designed to shock the viewer and reinforce the idea that sex sells. Fashion spreads used to be about the garments, but now, the clothes themselves no longer seem so important. The aesthetic impact created by the photography is more powerful than the items actually selling. The notion of identity expressed through photographic imagery has always intrigued me. This interest has led me to develop a series of images that contrast women dressed in high-fashion with an environment typically associated to men. These images of strong women provide an alternative to stereotypical depictions that play on the sexualisation and glamorisation of women today.

About Photographer

From a young age, I always knew I was more talented within the artistic spectrum. However, it was not until my teenage years that I really fell in love with the medium of photography. The freedom that comes with a camera and looking through a lens, searching for something that nobody else could see, excited me. I knew that a career within an artisitc medium was the path I wanted to follow, so I studied a BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design at SERC in Downpatrick, Co.Down. It was here that I fell further in love with photography, in particular, digital photography. After I completed my BTEC, I then joined the University of Ulster in Belfast where I undertook a BA honors in Photography. Although the course was mainly documentary and conceptually driven, I was able to further pursue my passon in fashion and portrait photography, aiming for visually driven images, rather than conceptual. I believe I am a visual artist, rather than a conceptual artist. The reason I am drawn to the fashion and portraiture genres, is I feel I get to be free and experimental with my ideas, which for me, is what photography is all about. People are my biggest influence. I love to spend time people watching, listening to music and working alongside other creative people, as it helps to generate ideas for future projects. I enjoy working within the fashion industry and this allows me to explore my interest further.