Tabula Rasa

PhotographerMaryana Hordeychuk
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHarrison, United States
Photo DateJune 2012
Entry Description

Tabula Rasa is a visual and poetic journey that dances towards a fantasy of the ultimate fresh start. Each person in the series embodies their own version of the story of facing the fears and starting anew.

About Photographer

Maryana Hordeychuk is a NYC-based photographer. She is most passionate about exploring the possibilities of digital photography for dance, fashion and portraiture. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology, as well as a Master's degree in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts, NYC. Her thesis work "Tabula Rasa" will be exhibited in October 2012 during the group show "Un/Common Skin" at the School of Visual Arts, NYC.