Red Dawn

PhotographerJavier Acosta
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySan Jose, United States
Photo DateJan 17th, 2011
Technical InfoCanon 5DMK2, 25-105MM
Entry Description

About a three years ago, I saw an image of the Golden Gate Bridge wrapped in fog. Since then, I have been determined not only to capture this amazing scene but to witness it for myself. For the past three years, I have been monitoring the weather and traveling to the Golden Gate Bridge in my desperate attempt to capture this fog rolling over the city of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Jan 17th, 2011 the fog finally came! This is the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge peeking through the fog. Javier Acosta

About Photographer

I was born in Southern California but spent the majority of my life in Northern California. I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work for a local government agency and now half way through my career, I have reconnected with a passion I have always had, photography. This positive outlet has led to much more then I would have ever imagined. Let me tell you why photography means so much to me and perhaps even why it’s an innate ability. Growing up in a family of 8, we didn’t have much. Although I have countless wonderful memories, I only have but a handful of Polaroid photos. As an adult, I had a conversation with my mother about not having any photographs of my childhood and it sparked an interest; that interest was photography. Consequently, I’m forever capturing moments of my family. Within the last couple of years, I’ve captivated the beauty of life and this has developed into a true passion. Enjoying the adventures that photography takes me on is invigorating. No scene is as simple as getting out of the car and clicking the shutter. Almost every shoot encompasses a walk, run, hike, climb or bicycle ride through some of natures’ most powerful elements. Every shoot has a story behind it; but more importantly, it holds memories that I will reflect upon as I look back at the images. My goal is to promote and share the beauty of nature and its elements. My approach is to take the viewer with me as I capture the scene as I see it.