Plastic Love

PhotographerCornelyus Tan
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCornelyus Tan Photography
City/CountrySingapore, Singapore
Photo Date4 March 2012
Technical InfoStudio Shoot
Entry Description

Our objective is put together unwanted materials, transforming them with a clever touch of redesign into virgin, novel products, giving them a new life. Photography: Cornelyus Tan Photography assistant: Jamilah Noorshahid Designers: Joselle Weirou & Cornelyus Tan Makeup Artist: Nora Zee Model: Lin Meili (Upfront Models)

About Photographer

Born and bred in Singapore, Cornelyus has dabbled in contemporary forms of art making such as mixed media installations, print making and graphic design. He has been known to create strong ethereal images with effortless beauty. Always daring and never hesistant to capture provocative images with his signature touch of surrealism, Cornelyus' works exude creativity and intrigue. He bought his first camera at 22 after a long time of saving, photography slowly becomes a tool for him to express his inner voice & creativity. Cornelyus ventured into fashion photography last year and within a short 6 months, his portfolio has expanded to include Audi Fashion Week, Women's Fashion Week, Men's Fashion Week, and designer brands like MAX.TAN, JASON MENSWEAR, AKA WAYWARD, KTZ,SCARLET CARLSON; and works featured in ALEXIS and M.O.D.A. Beside being a fashion photographer, Cornelyus is currently residing as the Jewelry designer and Creative Director of local fashion label, SCARLET CARLSON in Singapore.