PhotographerAnt Oraloglu
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCambridge, United States
About Photographer

Photography is the art of documenting the beauty of the objects around us. By remaining open to the magnificence of everyday life, the perceptive photographer is able to capture the inherent radiance of ordinary objects. The stark images of Ant Oraloglu display a respect for the simple beauty of our surroundings and encourage us to see things from a different perspective. Commenting on his work, Mr. Oraloglu provides a glimpse into what motivates him: I am interested in shooting objects because they say something about ourselves. When someone creates an object, it reflects their feelings and state of mind. By photographing the objects, I am indirectly photographing the creator's mind. And if someone has taken the effort to create an object, I want to capture its beauty and make it look wonderful. I want my work to encourage respect for the simple objects in our lives by documenting them from different perspectives. I want to capture the feeling of the object. I wonder, 'If this object were human, how would it feel.'