Looking for bridges

PhotographerAndrzej Bochenski
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLodz, Poland
Photo Datefrom 28Sep2012 to 20Feb2013
Technical InfoCanon 5D Mark III
Entry Description

I look at the number of bridges in different cities: London, Warsaw, Dubai, Lodz

About Photographer

I am Architect with photography passion.At youth time I had photographic passion. During last 20 years I had break in making photograph. About 1 year ago I bought my first DSLR camera and passion reborn. New technology makes new challenge and possibility. Main subject of work is my neighbourhood and items around me. I open my eyes on common items and places which I see everyday. I have armed in architectural knowledge , use more than 3 overlapping perspectives which can see human eyes. I'm trying to fit four dimensions in two dimension photograph , too. Human eye is not a precise optical instrument. I use the camera as a tool for extending the vision of the human eye.