Fragmenting Light

PhotographerAlan Jaras
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySt Helens, United Kingdom
Photo Date26 March 2013
Technical InfoRefractograph: Nikkormat Camer
Entry Description

A series of 'Refractographs' – the complex refraction patterns formed by a single static beam of light passing through a transparent 'refractive object' that I have either found or created. An example of 'lensless photography' where the object replaces the camera lens of and the refraction patterns are recorded directly on film using an analogue 35mm reflex camera body.

About Photographer

As a research scientist I have always been fascinated in making visible the invisible. During my career in optical and electron microscopy I studied the world of the very small. Now, as a light artist, I explore the strange and wonderful world of refraction patterns. Working with transparent glass, plastics and resins I create small refractive objects which replace the camera lens of a 35mm SLR film camera. Using a single static beam of light and the camera body, the complex patterns that these objects form are projected directly on to film in a system where the refractive object becomes the 'camera lens' and the light source is the photographic subject. I call these images "Refractographs".