Fashion Killer

PhotographerCristina Carra Caso
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCristina Carra Caso Photography
City/CountryEdinburgh, United Kingdom
Photo Date28.04.2013
Entry Description

Fashion Killer. A Fashion shoot performed with the following Creative Team: Photographer: Cristina Carra Caso ( Assistant in Photography: Matt Schofield MUA: Ramilia McCaskie of the Hair and Make-Up Lounge, Glasgow Hair Stylist: Ana Sabria, Ramilia McCaskie Clothing: Anna Beard Wardrobe Stylist/ Creative Direction: Toni Carber, Marta Blazquez Model(s): Hamish Duda (Superior Model Management) Nikki Vance (Superior Model Management) On location at the Summerhall Edinburgh, Ex-Royal Dick Veterinarian University with feature room artistic installations depicting the older more macabre side of the Universities history. The theme of the shoot was the passion of Fashion and the initially intended slaughter of all that represents Fashion by our male model to his then succumbing to its ferocity and its unfaltering existence.

About Photographer

Originally from Spain, I now live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland. I know that Photography is so much more than taking still pictures. It’s a record of the age we live in, of the times we spend with those we love. It’s an experience to be savoured as it unfolds, and cherished in retrospect. It’s an opportunity to express yourself not just as you are, but also as you’d like to be - to create an image of a slightly different you.The intention of my work is always to give the viewer and client visual pleasure, by creating something unique and imaginative.