X6 on the Rocks

PhotographerRonald Kreimel
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyRonald Kreimel
City/CountrySalzburg, Austria
Photo Date2008
Technical InfoDigital
Entry Description

Reaching back to automotive depiction very popular in the 1980ies, a BMW X6 is positioned, standing still, amongst massive cliffs. As opposed to todays motionblurred world of images, this rather iconic portrayal highlights a different spectrum of qualities in a car. Purposely blended into the background, without the use of any artificial light, the surrounding rocks reflected in the cars paintwork highlight the sculpted design, while subtly revealed technical details and a dominating viewangle let the viewer be assured of the cars superiority as a driving machine.

About Photographer

Born in Switzerland, now living in Austria, Ronald Kreimel is a photographer specializing in architecture.