PhotographerApinat Satitpittayayudh
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo Date5/4/2013
Entry Description

Illustrate a daily sequence of girl from wake up to sleep.

About Photographer

Apinat was born and raised in Thailand where he was immersed in a land that was rich in culture and art and is now continually being inspired by the many interesting stories of his childhood By that time photography was just a hobby that he loved and always had a curiosity for. He always wondered "what makes a beautiful photograph?" With his newfound passion to creating a beautiful photograph, Apinat moved to San Francisco in 2010 where he attended The Academy of Art University and received his 2nd BFA degree in Photography in 2012. He shares his imagination and passion through his photographs with his love of softness and storytelling that he continues to carry around in his work. In 2013 Apinat moved to New York and he is currently working as ​freelance photographer.