Kinesitherapeutes du Monde Advertising

PhotographerMarc Beaussart
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMarc Beaussart Photography
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo DateJune 2013
Entry Description

This is an ad for the French charity " Kinesitherapeutes Du Monde " They send volunteers to teach locals techniques on how to construct prostheses made out of various recycling material, found locally, in third world countries. The idea is: those prostheses do not need to be perfect looking as long as they are functional. Art Direction : Guillaume Dupre

About Photographer

Marc's first camera was a microscope. Since he was a child he has been spending most of time observing things around him, mostly nature and objects, even the smallest thing fascinated him. The French born photographer graduated at London College of Communication. He divides his time between London, New York and Paris shooting for brands like Nespresso, La Prairie, Airport of Paris, Make Up Forever, LVMH, Boots, Dove and magazines Marie Claire, Schon!, Another Magazine, 125, GQ, L'Officiel, Cent, Mi(x)te. Besides his commercial work, Marc is involved into helping charities with some photographic projects. Marc is represented worldwide by Blood And Co ( ). Marc is also the creative director of Faux Pas Magazine.