PhotographerTeck Lim
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLumina Pte Ltd
City/CountrySingapore, Singapore
Entry Description

A futuristic beauty shot used as self-promo for christmas.

About Photographer

Seeing Teck Lim in a mediterranean blue vespa outside his office might get you to assume that he might just be another hipster. But beware, there is more to him than meets the eye. His love for photography started 15 years ago as an intern at a local newspaper. His two-year stint as a part-time photojournalist sharpened his skills in photography. At an early age of 19, he knew in his heart that photography would be his first and last job. He may have delved into various creative outlets at some point like working as a soundman and handling the stage lighting at SAF Music and Drama Company (National Service), editing trailers for TV, making props for dramas, writing scripts, art directing and not to mention washing plates for a cooking variety show. But he knew in his heart he will always come back to photography. Thus it was no surprise when he was hired as an assistant in a Singapore commercial photography studio. He worked his way up to become a photographer and he handled projects with various genres; furniture set-ups, product photography, corporate shoots and etc. After three years of the daily grind of having no creative freedom, he felt restrained to do his best thus he decided to go to greener pastures. In 2006, he joined Edwin Tan. Aside from the regular shoot for editorial, advertising & corporate work, he was finally able to spend more time in his pursuit of various photography projects.   He finds solace in being able to work with top fashion stylists, makeup artist, hair stylist, designers, illustrators & creative/art-directors who believe in his vision & constantly seek collaborations to generate new works. His mentoring skills have pushed people to do their best thus he is well loved by his colleagues. He was awarded the “Top 100 Finalist” for the One Life Photography Competition held in New York by the reputable Photo District News (PDN) and Artists Wanted in 2011.   In 2012, he suffered from vertigo for a period time but didn’t stop him. Instead, he saw it as an opportunity to concentrate on personal projects. He came up with a street photography based book(unpublished), a series of conceptual nude portraits and making images along beaches of Singapore in his free time, which he finds solace within the fast-paced industry he works in. In his own time, this worldly traveller enjoys meeting people from different walks of life and learning from various cultures. He captures these moments not just for himself but shares them for the rest of the world to see and discover. His continuous thirst for knowledge coupled with his progressive thinking has made him a true vision of the Renaissance man.