Free Your Nose

PhotographerChristoph Martin Schmid
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCape Town, South Africa
Photo DateApril 2013
Entry Description

This is the 2013 campaign shot for the client Merck's Nasivin nose spray. Agency: TBWA Germany Creative Director: Fabian Kirner Copywriter: Robert 'Bob' Hales

About Photographer

I specialize in conceptual photographic storytelling and I am fascinated by human nature in all it’s comic absurdity. My main weapons are humor and precision. Only the exactitude in the staging of a scene, the shaping of the characters and the careful choice and setup of the background assures that the message intended can be universally perceived. I do not stage my stories from direct observation but from memories. I work with precision and only adjust the reality to the requirements of the composition. To be a good realist I must reinvent everything to make it seem real.