Nadya DuVan- Ulchi Bear Dance

PhotographerKiliii Fish
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyKiliii Yuyan
City/CountrySeattle, United States
Photo Date2011
Technical InfoComposite Image
Entry Description

Nadya DuVan is the last shaman of the Ulchi people and one of my last relatives living traditionally in Siberia. The bear dance is extremely expressive and one of the few that can be captured on camera.

About Photographer

Kiliii Yuyan is an indigenous photographer (Nanai) whose work is dedicated to Native cultures and natural history. He has worked alongside Iñupiat whalers in the Arctic, Anangu aboriginal hunters in central Australia, Inari Sami reindeer-herders in Finland. Kiliii is also a traditional kayak-builder. Through photography, his work tells the stories of the voiceless– people, wildlife, and the changing land.