bond, james bond

Photographerwalter luttenberger
PrizeHonorable Mention
Companywalter luttenberger photography
City/Countrygratkorn, Austria
Photo Datemay 2013
Entry Description

the return of the classical bond. for the austrian hairdressing award, i made a series of pictures in memory of the classic bond movieposters of the 60-ies and 70-ies.

About Photographer

Walter is an international award winning (IPA, Prix de la Photographie, Black and White Spider Awards) fineart-photographer of landscapes and architecture. he took his first steps into photography in the late 80ies and works as a self-employed photographer since 1995. as an assistant professor, he teaches architecture-and landscapephotography at the photoacademy in his hometown graz, austria. his pictures can be seen in different magazines such as architektur aktuell, h.o.m.e., wohnen, detail, architektur, 4xl and some more. after travelling through asia, africa and america he discovers his passion for longtime-exposure-photography. currently he is working on new pictures for his series "lakeside", "seaside" and "116 seconds". more to see at