PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySabu Photography
City/CountryToronto, Canada
Photo DateOCTOBER 31, 2013
Technical InfoTYPE 55 4X5 POSITIVE 1976
Entry Description

Original Polaroid Type 55 Positive/Negative: recovered / rehydrated 4x5 50 ASA. Rescued from package Date of June 30, 1976. Studio October 31, 2013. CAMBO LEGEND Series modified hybrid, known as The Cambo Grand Master Flash Furious 8x10 with 4x5 reducing back CALTAR II-N 300MM, COPAL 3, F5.6 at 3.5 seconds Shoes: Abel Munoz: Harlow Model: Irene C

About Photographer

Sabu is a third generation Canadian-based photographer living in Toronto. Sabu Photography is a studio that specializes in commercial product and fine art photography. Some of Sabu's clients include Corona, Pepsi, Molson, Visa and Fashion Quarterly. Sabu pushes his creative side with analogue tools without digital manipulation to preserve the authenticity of each image. He uses medium to large format cameras and instant film, such as original 8 X 10 Polaroids, Type 55 positive/negative expired in 1976 to create a body of work that is as timeless as the tools themselves. Sabu is currently working on a three-year cross Canada travel series with his wife. Some of the images can be seen on the studio website at