PhotographerMark Leibowitz
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMark Leibowitz Photography, Inc.
City/CountrySanta Monica, United States
Technical InfoArt Dr. Melissa Phillips
Entry Description

Explore the grounds of Wallace Creek Vineyards.

About Photographer

At the age of 24 Mark quit his business world job because he realized one night that photographing models seemed like more fun than creating excel spreadsheets. According to his studio manager, the most common receipt you find in Mark’s expense reports is for Auntie Anne’s pretzels. If your project is courageous, powerful, wild, smart, wandering, nostalgic, charismatic, sexy, sweet and includes a Shetland pony, then Mark thinks that sounds awesome and you should absolutely call him. In Tennis shorts Mark really looks like Pete Sampras. Mark’s retoucher thinks that his life revolves around having fun, saving the planet, yoga, and speedos. Mark has a degree in Economics and Spanish from Stanford University but spent more time taking pictures than pondering trickle down theory. With a mustache Mark looks like Sacha Baron Cohen. So many blackmail photos already exist of Mark that if you get one on your next shoot with him you can be pretty sure that it will not help get rush charges waived. Mark is not related to Annie Leibovitz. Or is he?