Divamp Couture

PhotographerLeon van der Flier
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryYerseke, Netherlands
Photo Date5 july 2014
About Photographer

Leon van der Flier (Sprang-Capelle, 1975) studied photography from 1996 to 1998 at the Municipal Institute of Decorative Arts and Crafts in Antwerp. Since then he has worked as an allround photographer. Until 2004 he has worked for various photographic studios and since then he has been a freelance photographer in the different branches of photography. With great passion and enthusiasm he takes photographs on behalf of his customers, but he also works on his own concepts. Successfully, because his works have won several awards. A selection from the list: GOLD winner in the PIA d'Or (commercial / industrial), "Zeeuws Misje" 2X "Honorable Mention" at the International Photography Awards, "Silver Master Photographer 'at Master Photographers Network , "Portfolio of the Year” 2012 (MPN) and winner international ‘Live Portrait Contest’ in 2013. From now on his works will pass under the name: Flier! His distinctive work can be described as renewing, differently and sensible.