Mad Queen

PhotographerAsami Zenri
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAsami Photography
City/CountryTustin, United States
Photo DateOctober 2013
Entry Description

A series of fashion images that features Elle Evans as a modern queen

About Photographer

Asami Uetsuji is currently a professional freelance photographer based in Southern California. With a keen eye in art, fashion and photography, she has lived and worked in the metropolises of the fashion and entertainment industry. After graduating from Osaka University of the Arts, she ventured to the University of the Arts London where she developed her portfolio further and emphasized her studies in fashion photography. Asami has broadened her experiences from living and working in London, Tokyo, and now in the Los Angeles Metro Area. She has worked with various international companies from Finland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand on projects ranging from merchandise marketing to fashion shoots. Her recent works can be seen in various print advertising encompassing London Fashion Week, Marie Claire, Dentsu Inc, Kao Corp and Tokyo Fashion Week.