PhotographerAnna Krivenkoff
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLa Habra, United States
Photo Date12/2/13
About Photographer

Anna Krivenkoff is a young international award winning photographer based in Los Angeles and Moscow. Her photographic eye captures mesmerizing shots in styles involved with family portraits, fashion and beauty, and editorial work. She works with all kinds of models. She admires the different beauty each individual carries. Her photography showcases romanticism and grace. As an international student studying photography at Rio Hondo College she's more than well trained. She has the flexibility to work with her creativity and technical skills. She can work with any kind of photo equipment and software. She takes her time with each image. She captures her love and devotion to her work with every piece she produces. Clients select Anna Krivenkoff when they desire to leave a powerful impression.