PhotographerWiebke Haas
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBlowatz, Germany
Photo Date12.05.2012
Technical Info130mm, ISO 100, f/13, 1/250s
Entry Description

Mozart is a pure-breed Haflinger stallion, with the typical white flowing mane. My intention was to emphasize his magnificent head of hair. I wanted him to do some shaking movements, and I asked my assistant to tickle his ear. The result was a crazy shake and this bunch of hair. I did the photo in a studio and the challenge was to let Mozart do the shake exactly in the right position between the lights.

About Photographer

Wiebke Haas was born in Germany. After school she spent 3 years of learning to became an official certificated photographer before she took the risk of self-employment. During an internship for renowned animal photographer Tim Flach in London she was able to gather an enormous amount of photographic insight and knowledge. Furthermore, it was here that she learnt to love clean structures and well laid out compositions. Wiebkes pictures are featured in magazines, books, galleries & on TV around the globe. This year she published her third book about horse photography.